Our products are developed for health monitoring, diagnostics, and predictive maintenance of rotating machines and are a part of the Enertics
Asset Health Monitoring and Management suite of applications.

eM MonA



The Enertics eM MonA software, which is one of the modules in the eM AI Suite, gives customers an extensive capability to understand the complexity of sensor data and turn it into useful information.


– Advanced Machine Parameter Monitoring, Diagnostics and Alert System by AI Powered System

– Flexible Wireless and Wired options to provide a Secure Connectivity

– Advanced Sensor Data is automatically screened against 100+ Unique Diagnostic Rules using AI Logic, which can identify a variety of Fault Conditions for a wide variety of Common Machine Types


– Our Data Acquisition Devices remove the human requirement for collection by Leveraging Wireless Connectivity to send data to our Expert System.

– Our Wireless Devices use Artificial Intelligence based Logic to manage Frequency, Storage, and Notification of Data collected

– Features “Sensor to Cloud” Architecture providing easy access to the Health Diagnostics


– Wireless Sensing Capabilities by leveraging built-in and external smart IOT sensors to monitor a variety of Motor Health and Operations Parameters.

– 4 Different Real-Time Sensing Technologies & 6 Discrete Sensors Accurately monitor the Health of Rotating Machines for Data Driven Maintenance and Life Cycle Decisions of Critical Assets.

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