Our solutions are developed for health monitoring, diagnostics, and predictive maintenance of rotating machines and are a part of the Enertics Asset Health Monitoring and Management suite of applications.

Condition based Maintenance (CbM)

Condition-based maintenance (CBM) is a Maintenance Technique that evaluates an Asset’s current condition to decide the Architecture of Maintenance required. Maintenance is performed when the Real-Time Metrics reflect abnormalities or signals of declining performance.


– Our Enertics System uses Vibration analysis to evaluate the Health of Machines by detecting the Vibration Levels and Frequencies of machinery

Vibration analysis helps in:
– the detection of issues such as Unbalance
– Bearing Failure
– Mechanical looseness
– Resonance
– Bent Shaft
– Other issues


Enertics system includes: Ultrasonic analysis to detect High-frequency Sounds and convert them into Audio and Digital Data to identify potentially failing assets  

Enertics solution helps in: The detection of bearing faults, including lubrication issues that generate a High- Frequency, Rhythmic pattern 


The Operational Temperature of the Motors is Measured as part of the Temperature Signature Analysis.  

Enertics’ Advanced Sensor and Condition-based Maintenance Techniques to Monitor Machine Temperature:
– Resistance thermometers
– In Advance Predictions of Potential Failures with Up-to-Date Sensors that determine Machine Conditions 


– State-of-the-art: Composed of a number of High-Sensitivity, High-Resolution Magnetic Sensors to monitor the magnetic flux from the   electrical rotating machine
– Root Cause Analysis: Our Technology assists to correlate the location of the problem in the current frame with its real location in the device. This information helps in determining the root cause of the failure.

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