Hardware Solution

LVMM 100 Motor Health Monitor Sensor Gateway

  • Advanced LV/ HV Motor Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Solution for a variety of applications
  • Advanced parameter monitoring, diagnostics and alert system
  • Built-in smart IOT sensors to accurately monitor the parameter variations, indicating motor health
  • Flexible wireless and wired options to provide a secure communications connectivity 
  • Feature “Sensor to Cloud”architecture providing easy access to the motor health diagnostics and maintenance advise 

Key Benefits

  • Enertics solution can prevent catastrophic failure in flammable and sensitive environments, preventing fires and human casualties.
  • Leveraging Enertics Analytics engine, the users can reduce the unplanned downtime by up to 70% and can extend the motor life by up to 30%.
  • With better visibility to the motor performance and health, the users can manage the preventative maintenance process to optimize the unplanned costs. 
  • The Enertics LVMM 100 can help users optimize the plant operation for an increased equipment life and reduced power losses. 
  • Easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) and alert system enables the users to monitor their critical assets remotely and take preventative actions promptly.
  • Easy to install design simplifies testing & commissioning, further helping users with the lower costs.

Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) Dashboard

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  • The Enertics LVMM 100 users can check the health status of their motors at any time with their web based GUI dashboard.
  • The GUI interface on the web dashboard includes multiple level displays to provide a quick overview, as well as, the detailed analytics of all the motors that are being monitored using the Enertics motor health monitoring system.
  • In case of a motor health anomaly, as detected by the Enertics LVMM 100 motor health monitoring system, the user will be notified by a change in the motor status on the Asset Dashboard screen.
  • The user can view the historical trend of the motor performance from the analysis provided in the trend analysis model.

Support Services

  • Front end engineering consulting services to guide the right solution for your business needs
  • Application engineering support to design a system solution to address your specific challenges
  • System hardware, software configuration services and support
  • Installation services and post installation support
  • Data analytics, data hosting and reporting
  • Training on the hardware and software solution