lost by a typical refinery from a single power asset failure event

lost by utilities in electricity theft every year


people worldwide still have no access to electricity


conventional technologies to diagnose and prevent catastrophic failures . . .

for a pro-active asset health monitoring system

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Asset Performance Management & Operations Intelligence System

Delivering value to the customers by providing an early warning and preventative intelligence from advanced diagnostics and analytics engine. A comprehensive tool kit to provide a scalable, vendor agnostic digital analytics system to proactively alert the owners and users of assets for connectivity, big data processing and diagnostics, and providing useful operations process intelligence

Value Proposition

Asset Inventory Management

A comprehensive inventory management system for the plant Asset base

Asset Health Monitoring

Online system to monitor the status and health of assets in variety of operations conditions

Preventing Catastrophic Losses

Preventing catastrophic equipment failures and resulting total asset loss

Downtime Reduction

An advanced system to providing proactive triggers and alarms resulting in reduced outages

Operational Efficiencies

Providing proactive triggers to optimize the Asset and Process efficiencies

Total Cost Reduction

Reduced unplanned maintenance; and process optimization, resulting in saved Dollars

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Unlocking the power of IoT and Machine Learning Technologies to provide an end-to-end Asset Performance Management solution

Why Enertics?

Ease of Use

Plug ‘n play functionality leveraging wireless sensing technology and modular hardware solution. No field configuration required

Standard Solution platform

An extensive end-to-end Asset Performance Management solution featuring asset health monitoring, inventory management, advanced diagnostics system all on the same platform

Vendor Agnostic Solution

Enertics feature a universal modular solution to integrate multi-vendor technologies in multi-industry applications to suit customer needs

Solution Architecture

A Wireless IoT based architecture caters to both greenfield and brownfield markets, seamlessly connecting the smart sensor data to the Enertics APM Analytics Engine and enabling the customers to extend the life of their assets.

Analytics Engine

The APM Analytics Engine leverages the Enertics proprietary algorithms to analyze sensor data and provide asset health monitoring information along with proactive maintenance advise to the users and owners of these assets.